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Children´s Board Books

Systems to produce Children’s Board Books:

For the production of board books with carton cover and / or board book blocks to be finished in a separate hard cover line.

I. Mode of operation

Special advantages:

  • comprehensive in-line system for the production of board books with carton cover and book blocks to be cased in hard covers in a second operation
  • savings through reduced personnel and no intermediate storage area due to elimination of folding procedure
  • quick make ready thanks to touch screen controlled units makes also short runs profitable
  • programmable glue systems for pages with windows, die cut elements, puzzles etc.
  • grey board blanks can be added for thicker pages
  • thanks to the modular design of the elements the book manufacturer can start with a basic unit and complete the line in stages as his business grows


  • flat sheets continuously loaded into 5 (five) high pile feeders are transported each into a unit to be crosswise creased by knives and then folded into 4 page signatures by cylinders
  • the system can also handle half size two-page signatures of thicker binder’s board for thick pages
  • the signatures are guided into the transport channel and receive appropriate dot glue patterns applied by programmable glue spray heads during their travel
  • the collated book blocks are thoroughly jogged, pressed, laid flat and stacked up to 200 mm high and pile wise pressed in five stages
  • pre-manufactured blocks can be added for books consisting of more signatures than collator stations by a book block feeder
  • if number of signatures per book exceeds number of collator stations the piled books are diverted after the presses by a gate onto a free roller conveyor. The pre-manufactured blocks can be added by a book block feeder in a second passage.
  • a de-stacking unit will place the book blocks into the cover applying station
  • carton covers fed from a magazine hopper feeder followed by a triple creasing unit and a programmable cold glue system are united with the book blocks and pressed
  • depending on the final book size the two-up or three-up products are split up before entering the three side trimming and round cornering line to be piled in the final stacker, ready to receive a hard case in a separate operation or carton covered books be packed and shipped.

Children Board Books
  Children Board Books
Children Board Books

II. Schematic

Example Layout of 5 Station Entire System

III. Technical Data

Flat carton sheet sizes for collator: max. 520 mm x 640 mm
min. 150 mm x 200 mm
Carton thickness for folded signatures: 0,5 mm - 1 mm
Board thickness for thick pages: max. 2,5 mm
Untrimmed book sizes: max. 450 mm (spine) x 320 mm
150 mm (spine) x 100 mm
Book thickness: min. 3 mm
max. 50 mm
Speed: for untrimmed spine lengths up to
500 mm ............... 3.500 books per hour 1-up
250 mm ............... 7.000 books per hour 2-up
160 mm .............. 10.000 books per hour 3-up
Compressed Air requirement: 6 bar (to be supplied by customer)
Electrical Requirement: 3 x 400 V + N + E, 50 cycles

1) the actual production speed and the effective net performance are dependent on kind of product, material quality and the general production conditions.