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Safe Stitched Booklets

Systems to produce Injury Safe Children’s saddle stitched Booklets

World wide health and safety regulations call for ever increasing injury protection in particular regarding children’s literature. Reverse saddle stitched round cornered booklets with the cover protecting the open staple ends will become more and more an important answer for the future of book binding.

I. Mode of operation

The system comprises an appropriate number of opening feeders followed by a reverse wire stitching unit accepting up to 8 stitching heads moving from the centre signature upwards to the outside of the spine, thus leaving the inside of the booklet without open staple ends. A hot melt glue line is applied along the spine after the spine forming station before the title sheet covers the booklet thus making it injury safe. The cover folder feeder can crease up to 4 lines at any position to form a round or square spine. The system can be completed with a 3-knife trimmer with available centre cut, corner cutter and compensating stacker to deliver ready to sell picture books for children, school books or magazines. Alternatively the reverse stitched products can be transferred in-line or off-line to a perfect binding line to attach the cover sheet, be trimmed etc. instead of the in-line spine glue as described above. Optionally also a usual upside-down stitching unit for “normal” work can be in-corporated. Many components such as stitching position are touch screen controlled and motorized, other adjustments are for quick make ready. Electronic controls for missing sheets and no stitch no book assure only good products delivered.

II. Schematic

Unique Production Line for
Reverse Saddle Stitched Children’s Booklets

III. Technical Data

Speed: max. mechanical 9.000 cycles per hour *
Book sizes: max. 420 mm (spine) x 280 mm
min. 128 mm (spine) x 91 mm
max. 16-1/2" x 11" (spine length)
min. 5" x 3-1/2" (spine length)
Book Thickness: max. trimmed: 10 mm max. trimmed: 3/8”

the actual speed of production and the net result depend upon format and kind of products, material quality, skill of operators and the general condition of the production.

IV. Video

Systems to produce Injury Safe Children’s saddle stitched Booklets Video

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